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Greeny Dip

Greeny Dip is a product from the house of famous located at Coimbatore. This product has been launched to create a healthy society.

As we have more foreign foods invaded into the industry the adulteration has been to its core. We need a healthy drink that can detox and increase the anti-oxidants in our bodies. Greeny Dip would definitely be the solution.

We are working with 8 flavors in Greeny Dip from traditional greens and herbals in order to make a healthy drink. Greeny Dip comes with an easy to use and easily carried across anywhere. We would require only hot water to consume and it can be used as a detox drink.

Greeny Dip - First time ever Spinach soup in a dip sachet. The filter bag we use is eco-friendly and easily decomposable in nature. Our filter bags are free from plastic and staple FREE.

We have used only natural real ingredients and NO ARTIFICIAL FLAVOURS ADDED. It tastes fine with 100 ml of hot water for 1 Dip bag. We have added a very minimal amount of salt so that kidney patients, high blood pressure patients, and consumers with high Urea Creatine can consume it. If required consumers can add salt to taste.

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